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There are so many people I would like to thank for helping me with all of this research. In particular I would like to thank Margaret (McDermott) Melanson, Barbara (Melanson) Huber, Sandra (LoCascio) Hollowell, Herb Hollowell, Carolyn (Hollowell) Boomer, Arlene (Horst) Huber, Claudia (Huber) Hincks and Dru (Huber) Hammond. I would also like to thank my wife, Michelle (Hollowell) Huber for indulging me in my quest to know our families better.

I dedicate this site to my father, Donald Henry Huber. I wish we could have done this together.

Claude S. Huber
(1922 - 1981)
Arlene K. Horst
(1922 - )
Theodore J. Locascio, Sr.
Mary M. Ottavio
(1913 - 1989)

LCDR Donald Henry Huber USN

Barbara Anne Melanson
Herbert Pruden Hollowell Jr.

Sandra Ann LoCascio
David Lyle Huber
Michelle Lynn Hollowell
Michael Donald Huber


August 20, 2006